We give personal care to each and every customer. We have a five star rating for excellent customer service.

Midnight Sun Auctions offer a quick and profitable method for selling or consigning your higher end valuables.

  • Are you planning to liquidate or downsize your assets? Is there a family inheritance that needs to be sold?
  • Are you looking for quick and easy disbursement of funds?

Liquidating and selling your assets can be a difficult process. Our expertise and care make it easy. Just call or email us for a free consultation. We only accept high end items. We will talk to you first and advise on the best way to go forward. Having a high end estate go to auction has many benefits. Our Auction House has the experience and knowledge to optimize your assets. Rather than liquidating privately, you get greater exposure in an auction leading to competitive bidding and higher prices. All consigned items are recorded and transparent not only for the consignor but to meet any fiduciary or legal requirements. We can also assist with estate sale requests.

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